More Blackjack Strategy

Although knowing what basic strategy is and how to use it in blackjack is essential, it’s not the whole picture. You will feel a lot more comfortable playing your hand if you understand a bit about the game. Blackjack strategy beyond the charts and tables includes aspects such as bankroll management, systematic approaches, learning to use your gut, and knowing what not to do.

Let’s start with bankroll management, as it is likely the most important thing to think about. Of course most people want to jump right into card counting, the system of systems and start gambling even online gambling. But you won’t become a rich blackjack player counting cards if you don’t know the golden trick called walking away up.

Managing your bankroll simply means paying it some attention. Too many people go out for a night at the casino with a couple of hundred dollars in pocket, and consider it their casual bankroll. It’s much more effective to pick a number and be well aware of it. Two hundred dollars is fine (you should be playing small denomination tables if that’s your bankroll, but it’s enough) but you have to know it’s your bankroll. That means, when that money runs out, you wont go to the bank machine and get more. This is called a ‘loss limit’, meaning you know at which point you’ve lost enough to stop playing for the night. Many people don’t like the idea of loss limits, thinking at the end of the night it’s best to go for broke and try to make up what you’ve lost. In the long run though, it’s better to simply know what you can afford to lose, and try hard to not lose any more than that.

Loss limits are the first of a two-sided strategy. The compliment to loss limits are ‘win limits’. The concept of win limits is also foreign to many gamblers, simply because it makes little sense to stop playing if you’re on a win streak. This may be true, but it’s also true that every win streak must come to an end. If you’re up a significant amount you should walk away. What is a significant amount though? Obviously that amount varies from player to player, but walking away with your bankroll 25% up is usually considered a good night.

So before you go to the table, set a win and loss limit. The loss limit may be your entire bankroll if you’re just playing blackjack, and the win limit should be a percentage of your bankroll that you’ll feel happy winning. Incorporating this simple bankroll blackjack strategy into your play and you’ll never lose more than you feel comfortable with. Better yet if you find yourself up a good deal, following this strategy, you wont have to watch yourself lose that recently acquired cash. Giving back what you’ve just won is never a fun experience. Learn to walk away with the win! To learn about blackjack systems and card counting, keep reading.